How to Create a Mobile Circle Time Display

CT_DisplayAlthough many teachers use a wall to set up a Circle Time display, if you have a small space or like to take learning on the go, consider creating a Mobile Preschool Display. Here is how we built ours with the Mother Goose Time Circle Time Display Kit.

1. Select a mobile display base

Decide what type of base you would like. We have used magnetic wipe boards, trifold foam boards and even a big box. Use what you have around the home. Even an old piece of cardboard could work. Spray paint if desired….

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Tips for Teaching Time to Preschoolers

calendar_pointing_boyTime is abstract and difficult for many children to grasp. What they experience now is what is real to them. Talking about tomorrow, consequences of future actions, or even what we will do or eat 10 minutes from now can often end in tears and frustration. Here are some tips on how to use Circle Time to transform a child’s understanding of time into a tangible sensory experience. Observe how your children see, hear and touch concepts of time….

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Upcycle Your Mother Goose Time Calendar

Here are 5 fun ideas to reuse and repurpose your Mother Goose Time Calendar pieces. Members of Mother Goose Time curriculum receive a new theme-connected calendar and pieces to use during Circle Time each month. Here are some of our favorite ways to upcycle the calendar.

Upcycle_Dominoes_Make Dominoes

Cut rectangles from an old cereal box. Glue two calendar pieces onto each rectangle. As simple as that, you have a beautiful set of dominoes. Save two or three months of calendar pieces and make a more complex set of dominoes….

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Circle Time in Every Weather

How is the climate during your Circle Time? Do you need some sunshine to energize and inspire the children? Try some of these fresh new ideas and teach children about the weather while also reinforcing other important math, literacy, and social skills.

What is your favorite weather?Favorite_Weather4

• Use weather icons and nametags found in your Mother Goose Time curriculum resources to explore how we are similar and different when it comes to choosing our favorite type of weather.

• By titling the graph with a question, the children have an opportunity to think and share what they know about each type of weather while also connecting their feelings to the various weather types.

• Invite children to put their nametag under their favorite type of weather….

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