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August Little Artists in Europe

June 16, 2010


Welcome to Camp!


You and your children will have an exciting adventure into Europe as you paint along side famous artists such as Monet, Van Gogh, and Picasso.
Learn techniques such as:

  • Printmaking
  • Pointillism
  • Mixing colors
  • Cubism
  • Stenciling
  • Chalk art
Make art creations such as:


  • A self-portrait
  • A big mural
  • Framed landscape paintings
  • Starry Night door hangers
  • Coat of Arms with sword
  • 3D European Castle
Save your favorite art creations for the last day of camp and set up your very own art museum.
August Paintings


Familiarize yourself with these camp facilitation tools before you begin:


Teacher Tool Bag


Lesson Plan Books

Lesson Plan Book
Activity suggestions are described in detail every day to help you successfully facilitate the camp program. If the activities seem too difficult for your children call our office about the infant/toddler supplement book. The Little Goose Lesson Book will explain how to adapt the activities for children ages 9-months to 2-years-old.


August Theme Poster

Theme Poster with Famous Paintings
Hang this poster for children to look at as you introduce each famous artist.


Daily Shapes & Easel Poster

Daily Shapes and Easel Poster
Each day bag has a set of shapes. Punch out the shapes at the beginning of each day. Each shape has one of the 6 activities printed on it that you will do during that day. During circle time (we list it in the lesson plan book as “How Our Day Is Shaping Up”), invite children to look at the 6 shapes, identify the shape of the day as listed in the lesson plan book and tape this featured shape to the easel. Then as you review the jobs for the day, tape the remaining 5 shapes on the Easel. Throughout the course of the day, as you finish a job, remove that shape until there are no more shapes on the Easel.


Grooving with the Goose

Groovin' with the Goose CD
Listen to these fun songs while creating masterpeices.


Art Dog

Art Dog
You will read or use this book in an activity two times throughout the month. However, we recommend you keep the book out for children to reference and look at during their free time.



Calendar and Calendar Pattern Pieces
Start your day by placing today’s calendar piece on the calendar. Count the number of fun-filled days you’ve been working together.

Day Bags


The name of each daily activity is printed on each shape. Each shape has a different icon which represents the type of activity you will do with the children.

Daily Shapes

Feather Activity: a simple game to reinforce five values that will nurture good decision-making. These values are Discipline, Integrity, Resourcefulness, Contentment and Generosity.

Game: The high energy game idea will get your children running, building, climbing and crawling through obstacles. These games are great to do outdoors but if raining, most can be played inside as well.

Art Project:Supplies are included to make the new art project every day. The art projects become the masterpieces you can display at the end of the month in your very own art museum. Consider hosting a family day at the end of the month. Children can make entry tickets and be tour guides for their family members. 

Story or Song: Gather together for imaginative stories or a silly song. Each week you will read from the included storybook, sing along to familiar tunes with new lyrics, and participate in fingerplays.

Around the World Activity: Learn about Europe and practice team work as you and the children cook tasty recipes, make flags and decorate scrapbooks.

Money: Learn about needs and wants, where money comes from, how to save and why to give. Discuss the importance of doing your best and how to realize when you have enough stuff. Children learn to save for a dream and spend their money wisely. After this hands-on money game or activity, review the activities of the day and pay each child $5 for their hard work. Children place their $5 in their spending, saving and giving envelopes.


Money Kit

The money kit has everything you need to facilitate the money activities. Inside your kit find a list of all included materials and a description of their purpose and use. Items include:

FLY Money Kit

  • Falco the Featherless Bird Story

  • Money Envelopes: Give, Save & Spend

  • Large Money Shapes: Spend, Earn, Save & Give

  • Foam Shapes: Circles, Hearts, Squares
    & Triangles

  • 5 Feather Sheets

  • Falco Illustration

  • FLY Dollars

  • College Certificate

  • Build-a-Bank Poster

  • Needs & Wants Tags

  • Emergency Cube