3 Print and Play Counting Games

Counting can be practiced while sitting, standing or even running around!

Incorporate more movement into your math activities for enhanced focus. Try these creative counting games with the Mother Goose Time Bees and Butterflies Counting Cards free download here:

Use these cards to play 3 different games today!

1. Sit and play a matching game.

Place all cards face down. Flip over two cards. Do the numeral and quantity match? Continue to flip over two cards until all the matches are found.

2. Stand and toss bees into a bucket.

Gather 10 cups and 10 pompoms. Tape the numeral cards onto the cups. Invite the child to flip over a quantity card, count the items on the card and then toss a pompom (pretend bee) into the cup with the same number.

3. Run and be a counting butterfly.

Make a masking tape path on the floor. Invite the child to pull a card from a bag and read the number. Encourage children to fly around the path the same number of times. Pull out another card and begin again.

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