Assessment System

We believe learning is a process. Authentic assessment allows you to capture learning as it happens.


Mother Goose Time offers you resources to help document your child’s learning progress over time through natural and intentional observations.


Observe Skills as They Naturally Occur

Mother Goose Time curriculum clearly identifies which skills are integrated within a given learning activity. As your children participate in the activity, observe their use of the identified skill.


Record Your Observations

Keep track of your observations in these family-friendly child report of skills. Use one booklet per child all year long. The booklets clearly define the skills and learning goals for toddlers, preschoolers and those children in PreK/Kindergarten. There is room for you to make anecdotes and date each observation.


Save Work Samples

Build a collection of photos, videos and work samples to visually represent and validate your assessment. Use the MGT Portfolio Calendar for recommendations on which work samples to save from each of your Mother Goose Time curriculum studies.


Use your assessment to inform your lesson planning

Adapt the Mother Goose Time curriculum to the skill level and interests of your children. We offer a number of add-on resources to help you scaffold learning and customize the Mother Goose Time learning experience according to the learning goals, interests and needs of your children.