Authentic Assessment

Young children construct knowledge through interactive, concrete and hands-on experiences (Bredekamp and Rosegrant, 1992). Likewise, assessment of young children should be play-based and observed in the natural flow of the day. Authentic assessment uses documentation gathered during everyday experiences to chart learning over time.

Mother Goose Time offers you a linked assessment system. This means that assessment and curriculum planning are aligned. Mother Goose Time’s lesson plans clearly identify which skills are integrated within a given learning activity. As your children participate in the activity, observe their use of the identified skill.

Because the system can be used for children who developmentally function between birth to 8 years of age, it can be used in classrooms that serve children with a wide range of developmental needs. Mother Goose Time recognizes that each child is unique and develops at his or her own rate. A child may master certain skills quickly, while taking more time to master others.

We offer a variety of tools to support educators as they authentically assess their children when using Mother Goose Time curriculum


Authentic Assessment Resources

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