Create a Child Portfolio

The Mother Goose Time Portfolio Calendar is a calendar that maps which projects each month in the Mother Goose Time curriculum to save as work samples and which skills to observe when children participate in these projects. When followed, the teacher will have three data points of documentation and assessment for each of the 33 skills by the end of the school year. We recommend that providers actively observe, document and write anecdotes everyday to best tell the story of the child’s learning journey.

Save child work samples in a portfolio.

Mother Goose Time curriculum provides you the activity ideas and required project materials so that you can co-create rich learning experiences with your children. Consistently take photos or save work samples that document your assessment observations. Invite your children to help choose work that they are proud of to put in their personal portfolio.

Child portfolios help to make a child’s learning visible.

Download and print the calendar below for recommendations on which skills and work samples to save from each of your Mother Goose Time curriculum studies.