MGT Foundations Training 1


to the Experience Early Learning Teacher Institute

and Foundations 1: Materials and Routines

Join us as we explore

how to maximize the benefits of the

Mother Goose Time Early Learning Curriculum.

There are three lessons in the Foundations 1 course. They include:

  1. Teacher Planning
  2. Learning Environments
  3. Roles and Routines

Each lesson will have a variety of videos, readings and reflection questions. After successfully completing each lesson, click “Next Lesson” to move on.

Before you begin, be sure to log in to this site.  A login is required to receive a Certificate of Achievement at the end of the training. Complete the short quiz at the end for your certificate.

Foundations 1: Certificate of Achievement





Let’s Learn!



When you complete this course. Keep learning and take the Foundations 2 Course: Observation and Assessment


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