Foundations 1: Materials and Routines

Welcome to the Experience Early Learning Teacher Institute

and Foundations 1: Materials and Routines

Join us as we explore

how to maximize the benefits of the

Mother Goose Time Early Learning Curriculum.

There are  three parts to the Foundations 1 course which focus on:

  1. Teacher Planning
  2. Learning Environments
  3. Roles and Routines

Each part will feature a variety of videos, readings and reflection questions. After successfully completing each lesson, click “Next” to proceed through the training.

Before you begin, be sure to log in to this site.  A login is required to receive a Certificate of Achievement at the end of the training. Complete the short quiz at the end for your certificate.


When you complete the first course, keep learning and take the Foundations 2 Course: Observation, Documentation, Assessment.

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