Foundations 2: Skills and Assessment

Welcome to Foundations 2:

Skills and Assessment

Observation is the first step to authentic assessment. Observation is also a way to show children that you value their ideas and knowledge. The key to quality authentic assessment begins with seeing the child: his strengths, interests and limitless curiosity.

There is nothing more exciting than seeing a child’s eyes light up the first time he discovers something new. Authentic assessment captures learning and data of a child’s development level as it happens during the natural flow of the day.

Throughout this course, there will be videos to watch, content to read and photos to inspire. At the end of each lesson, there is a “mark as complete” button. Press that button then you will automatically move to the next lesson. There are three lessons in this course.

A Learning Portfolio is a collection of moments that, when put together, tell the child’s unique learning story. Stories are powerful and meaningful to children and families. They show the families that you see the whole child. You listen, you watch and you value the little moments that you share with the child. A learning story communicates more than a number, a chart or a checklist of skills. Rather, it shows the child’s strengths and approach to problem-solving.

As in every good story, there are obstacles and challenges that the main character works to overcome. Learning is a journey. Stories celebrate the process.

In this training, the learning objectives include:

  • How to implement an authentic assessment approach during the natural routine of your day
  • How to document using the tools in the Mother Goose Time system
  • How to share the learning moments with families though digital or paper portfolios

There are three parts in this training. After completing the lessons, take the quiz to evaluate your understanding and to receive an official completion certificate.

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