Creative Thinking: Helping Preschoolers Become Authors


Encourage children to see themselves as authors while building emergent writing and communication skills through concepts of print.

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As children write their own books, their love for reading and books in general will grow. You can set up a writer’s table for your little authors to write & create their own books with simple but engaging tools.

Here is what you will need: Girl_author_read.jpg

  • Old wrapping paper
  • White paper
  • Magazine clippings or old photos
  • Glue, scissors, stampers, stickers, markers
  • Label stickers with the children’s name preprinted on them

Use the wrapping paper to make colorful book covers for the books, then put each item in a special container so that everything looks neat and tidy. Invite children to visit the writer’s table, select a book and then tape, glue and collage on the pages as desired.


If children are starting to print letters and have an interest in making words, hang
sight words pointers and vocabulary cards on the wall to create a word wall for
children to reference and copy if desired.


After each child has completed at least one book, host a writer’s tea party and invite family members to listen as the child shows and tells about his book.


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