Developmental Continuum of Skills

Our research-based skill continuum clearly explains learning benchmarks for children birth through age eight.

Use this chart to understand where your child is developmentally in his learning journey of the 33 skills.

The skill numbering system is applied throughout all Mother Goose Time curriculum and Add-ons.

Continuums for Every Skill Level

Full Continuum

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Infant/Toddler A-C

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Preschool C-E

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Pre-Primary E-G

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Curriculum Planning and Benefits

All Experience Early Learning resources, including Mother Goose Time, use the same developmental skill basis and coding system to cite the learning objectives for a given project or activity. This allows educators to consistently assess skill development across multiple curricular tools. Additionally, the clearly defined benchmarks help educators scaffold learning by differentiating each experience to support a child’s unique learning needs.

How do children develop?

Child development is shaped by a dynamic and continuous interaction between biology and experience. Research in neurobiology, behavioral science and social sciences have helped us better understand that biology, relationships, culture and environment all influence a child, whereas the child equally impacts them. As a result, each child develops uniquely.

This developmental continuum is based on research and offers a map to child development. It should not be used exclusively as a diagnostic tool for developmental delays.

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