Down on the Farm Preschool Sneak Peek!

Looking for a preview of October’s Experience Preschool Kit? Get ready to be inspired!

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This month, your child will learn all about life Down on the Farm! Your child will get to know chickens, pigs, sheep, horses and more. He will have fun practicing the sounds they make and learning about the food they eat. Your child will explore the different jobs that farmers do, like planting and harvesting crops, feeding and rounding up the animals and driving a tractor to plow the fields. He will even plant his own seeds and watch them grow! Discuss your child’s creative process when he brings home an array of barnyard art projects. It is an action-packed month of animals, farming, food and fun that your child is sure to remember!

In this 30-minute overview, We will preview tools for a month-long thematic adventure about life on the farm!

Download the Down on the Farm Booklist

> Click here to watch the Down on the Farm Theme Sneak Peek Recorded Video

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