ESL and Bilingual Programs

Because all Mother Goose Time activities are hands-on and encourage active participation, children can participate in many different creative ways even if their communicative skills are limited. This creates a safe and encouraging environment for children with diverse backgrounds.


All lesson plan books between September - June are fully translated into Spanish

  • Educators who run a bilingual immersion program can sing songs, tells stories and play game in both English and Spanish.
  • Educators whose first language is Spanish benefit from reading in their first language. Translation also includes some adaptions to be inclusive of Latin and South American traditions.
  • Translated version available free with purchase of Mother Goose Time curriculum kit. Request both the English and Spanish Teacher Guide.

Bilingual Visual Aids and Teaching Tools

  • There are many photos and visual aids in the Mother Goose Time kit. Visual aids have English on one side and Spanish on the other side. The Mother Goose Time kits include these bilingual tools: Little Learning Cards, Photo Cards, Bilingual Book, Calendar and Circle Time materials.

Assess your child's second language fluency

  • Our curriculum skill basis includes a strand of developmental skills and benchmarks encompassing second language learners. It highlights five stages of language acquisition from pre-production to fluency. Educators can observe and assess a child’s language acquisition with this continuum and establish appropriate supports within their daily routine.