Family & Pets Toddler Sneak Peek!

Looking for a preview of September’s Experience Toddler Kit? Get ready to be inspired!

See our current themes. 

Keep your toddlers active and engaged throughout September as they experience Family & Pets, designed uniquely for one- and two-year-olds. Enjoy a month full of creativity, imagination and learning.

Your Experience Toddler kit is packed with 4 full weeks of toddler experiences. Each week, discover a new storybook with loads of related games, music, art experiences, stickers and sensory fun.

Follow the Path – Pets
The dog is hungry. Let’s give him a treat! Just point your finger, follow the path and enjoy this photo-based book to introduce concepts of print and new vocabulary to your toddlers.
Jack and Jill
Enjoy this classic nursery rhyme then tumble into a week with fun musical counting, matching and sorting games plus a new art project every day!
A Bear Hug for Bunny: A Forest Friends Book
Bear accidentally spills his apples into a hole, but Bunny is quick to help. That’s what a kind friend does. Discover the rewards of being kind in this Forest Friends story.
Little Red Riding Hood and
the Lonely Wolf

Little Red Riding Hood and Granny are the best of friends, but poor Wolf has no one. Read this modern take on a classic tale then enjoy weeks of puzzles, games and learning!


In this 30-minute overview, we preview tools for a month-long thematic adventure into the people (and pets!) that are most important to us.

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