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Are you Mother Goose Time?

Yes! Our company started over 30 years ago as Mother Goose Time. Over the years we’ve continued to grow and improve the curriculum while keeping up with best practices and research.

In 2018, we changed the name of Mother Goose Time to Experience Curriculum to be more reflective of the company’s values and mission: providing high quality, educational and meaningful experiences for all children.

Can I try just one month?

Yes! You can always order month by month. Get Started Today! 

Can I set up an auto charge?

Yes! Pick the best day for you and the system charges your credit card on that day each month. Set up autocharge on your account here. Just select the “Month-to-Month AutoCharge” option. You can always change your charge date, edit the size of your kit, pause or restart the subscription as needed. REMEMBER: Like most monthly subscription programs,  autocharge continues until you choose to stop it. Simply log in and select “Pause” when taking a break from the program or “Cancel” to stop indefinitely.

Can I change the size of my curriculum?

Yes! As your classroom size changes, just go to the website and login to your account here. Select “Modify My Order” then follow the prompts. Changes must be made before the 1st of the month prior to the use month. For example, make changes by October 1st to increase or decrease your classroom size for November curriculum. You can also contact the Educator Support Team for help with changes at info@experienceearlylearning.com.

Will I save money if I order a subscription?

Yes! We offer regular discounts on our Experience Preschool curriculum. Save 10% when ordering and prepaying for 3-5 months. Save 12% when ordering and prepaying for 6-8 months. Save 15% when ordering and prepaying for 9 or more months. See quotes for these options by loading your classroom sizes here.

How and when do I order?

You can start any time of the year and you can order any time of day or night here. Watch this video for more detail on how to order online. Order one box per teacher (classroom) and then select that box’s size based on the amount of children in your group.

How much time does the curriculum take each day?

Because of its flexible design, Experience Curriculum can take as much or as little time as you prefer. If you wish to complete all of the recommended daily activities and projects, you need approximately 3 hours throughout the day. This allows time for free choice, rest, snack, outdoor play, and other child-directed activities.

Which methods of payment can I use?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

We accept checks and money orders. Boxes ship when payment is received but – because we are experiencing exponential growth – if the requested theme box sizes are sold out, the account owner will be notified and check or money order returned. To guarantee a box, order early during the month prior to the use month or set up a subscription.

Invoicing is available for customers with over 200 students or preschools affiliated with public schools.

Month-to-Month Auto Ship Program: card information is securely kept on file and charged monthly on a date that you select.

What’s your return policy?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with either the Experience Preschool Curriculum system or the Experience Baby Infant Curriculum system, you can return it unused and in new condition within 10 days of the date received.

Returns are subject to a $15 restocking fee per box. Shipping fees are non-refundable (for both shipping to you and for your return). Credit cannot be issued for packages received postage due. Email info@experienceearlylearning.com for return authorization and shipping address. Refunds are processed as soon as the box arrives.

Please note: Enhancement Programs, including music CDs, Dance ‘n Beats, More Math & More Literacy, Little Goose, Experience God, and Toy Boxes are non-refundable.

How is my curriculum shipped?

In the continental U.S., Experience Early Learning is well known for fast delivery because all boxes are shipped by FedEx. Orders shipping internationally (or to Hawaii or Alaska) have additional shipping charges based on location.  Curriculum boxes are shipped mid-month prior to the use month to allow ample time to look over the program materials before your next month’s learning adventure begins.

When will I get my box?

It all depends on where you are located. If you are within the continental U.S., curriculum is shipped by FedEx, so it moves quickly! Curriculum boxes are shipped mid-month prior to the use month leaving plenty of time to look over the program materials before your learning adventure begins. Log into your account, click on the order number, and then view the tracking number so you can know when your box will arrive.

Can I order a box from a previous month?

Yes! We are experiencing rapid growth and most earlier thematic studies are sold out, but, if they are available we are happy to send previous months! To guarantee receiving the theme you would like, order early during the month prior to the use month or use one of our subscription services. Subscriptions can be edited or cancelled anytime.

Can I order an extra Teacher Guide set?

Yes! With the purchase of Experience Curriculum, one or more extra Teacher Guide sets are available for $24.99 each.

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