Grow Your Enrollment and Loyalty [Free Mother Goose Time Marketing Toolkit]

Attract new families and build loyalty with this Marketing Toolkit for Preschools.

 Here’s how:  

1.jpgBegin your campaign by updating your Website Header and Facebook Cover Photo with the professional, customizable headers found inside the Toolkit.

2.jpgDuring the first 9 days, post one of the included Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram posts every 3 days to bring awareness to the quality of the program that you offer. 

We have included 3 posters that you can edit in (its free!) or other photo-editing software and customize the poster by inserting the name of your school or program. 

3.jpgCapture memorable moments that show the joy of learning as well as the quality of your program.

4.jpgUpload each photo to or any other editing program.

Chose one of the Top 10 Photo Message Borders from inside the Toolkit.

Overlay a Photo Message Border onto your photo. Simply use the Custom Sticker Overlay feature in

Use these Photo Message Borders to show parents all of the important skills and experiences the children are having in your Mother Goose Time program.

Share the photos to your Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram page.  Don’t forget to  share them on our Facebook.

Send the Toolkit Now

 What is Inspired Learning? Inspired Learning is the blog written by the Experience Early Learning Co. – publishers of the Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum – to support all early childhood educators. In addition to preschool curriculum, the Experience Early Learning Co. publishes * children’s books * preschool music & dance and * authentic assessment tools.These materials have been serving child care directorsfamily childcare providers, preschool teachers, homeschoolers and parents of young children since 1984. All materials are crafted to inspire both the educators and the children to experience learning through creative expression, play and open-ended discovery. Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum supports a child’s social-emotional, physical and cognitive development.


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