How to Ask Preschoolers Questions That Spark Creativity

Welcome to a Micro-Minute Training with Mother Goose Time.

Learn about “Asking Questions” here in print, or, as a video. Choose the format that works best for you! Today we’re going to examine “Big Questions.” A big question is one that starts with:

  • What
  • Where
  • How
  • Why

These questions have more than one right answer and stimulate discussions and even more importantly, critical thinking skills. If you are wondering what type of big question to ask during the day… just check your Teacher Guide for Six Big Question suggestions every day.

Teacher Guide

Turn to page 30 in your Teacher Guide and I’ll show you where to find these discussion prompts. You will find questions of the day to open up your circle time here in the grey column. Then at the beginning of each activity, we suggest you transition into the activity by having discussions. Finally, at the end of the day, help children reflect on their learning and experiences by asking the closing reflection question.

By taking time to talk with preschoolers, you help them build oral language skills including how to communicate their feelings and ideas with words. Because communication requires that we take turns back and forth when we talk, it also builds social skills and of course patience.

Consider this question at the beginning of “Wolf’s Story” activity: 

“Do you like surprises? Why or why not?”

Sometimes other children talking and finding the words to express might be difficult or scary. They might do better showing rather than telling you their ideas. The Explore step gives children the opportunity to show their ideas and interests by playing and doing.

If the question we wrote in the Discuss sections doesn’t resonate with your children, simply ask a different question that better connects with your specific group. Just remember to include the big question words: what, where, how or why.

Enjoy creating a culture of curiosity today as you have lots of discussions.

And tune in tomorrow for another micro-minute training from Mother Goose Time



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