How to Help Children Make Choices?

Welcome to Micro-Moment Trainings with Mother Goose Time.

Today our topic is about letting young children make choices.

I recommend that, when you give children choices, both options are good, positive ones. This way, no matter what the choice – the child is successful.  For example, you might want your child to eat fruit at snack time. So you ask: would you rather eat a banana or an apple? Either option is fine.

To help explore decision-making, Mother Goose Time includes a tool every month called Would Your Rather? On page 45 in the Me and My Family Teacher Guide, we reference this tool on the activity titled: Pet Choices.

To play this game you will need the Would You Rather Cards and some buttons. Select one of the Would Your Rather Questions and put down the corresponding picture cards. After you read aloud the question, each child make his choice and puts a button on that picture. Count and compare which choice is most popular.

Save these cards month to month and build a big collection of photo cards and question prompts. Invent your own questions or even ask children to invent one.

Look for other opportunities today where can give your children choices and tune in tomorrow for another micro moment training with Mother Goose Time.


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