How to Host Circle Time

Circle Time is a common part of the preschool routine.

The purpose of Circle Time is to welcome the children, introduce the topic of the day and build a sense of community.


Welcome Children

MUSIC: Play the Circle Time Song included in your Welcome Gift bag.GATHER: Sit together on a rug, blanket or in the same special place in your room. See more about how to set up your room.WEATHER: Invite a helper to look out the window and hang up the matching weather pieces on the display. (Download a free Calendar and Weather book filled with tons of ideas for Circle Time.) DAY OF THE WEEK: Invite a helper to help you find today’s cloud and put up the calendar piece. Watch ideas on how to use the Circle Time Calendar.REVIEW: If you like to review basic concepts, this is a great time to draw the featured letter in the air with a finger, foot or nose. Then, count leaves both on the display and maybe even make real leaf piles.

Introduce the Topic of the Day

Show the Daily Topic Poster and use the prompts in the Mother Goose Time guidebook to encourage children to share what they know and wonder. There are both questions that you can ask and a hands-on suggestion for children so that they can engage both verbally and nonverbally. Not all children are ready to talk out loud in a group setting, but they can still participate in other ways.



Build a Sense of Community

Take time to acknowledge who is here and who is home. Consider using the “Wish Well” routine by Becky Bailey.

Invite children to participate in the Community Challenge of the day. These activities help children use teamwork, build empathy and practice patience as they problem-solve or create together. The prompt in blue helps you know what social-emotional skills are supported as the children participate in this activity.


Circle Time can be as short as 8-10 minutes. It is all about routine and helping children feel comfortable, welcome and ready to learn.


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