How to Know Which Skills to Assess for the Child’s Portfolio

Welcome to a Micro Moment Trainings with Mother Goose Time. Today we are going to talk about how to know which skill to assess each day so that you cover all 33 skills and their related measurable goals for each child. This might seem like a daunting task on top of everything else you have to do in a day… but we’ve made it simple. Just look for the star.

The star means assess.

Follow the Star System for three months and you will have an assessment on every skill and skill goal found on the Experience Early Learning Developmental Continuum for each child.

Let’s flip through the Teacher Guide and look for stars. Notice how there is typically one star on every lesson. Sometimes, you might find two. But typically, there is just one a day. One assessment a day to maintain a comprehensive portfolio for each child. We can all do authentic assessment!

Let’s look more carefully at the stars.

1. The star icon means to document the first skill listed in the activity. The assess prompt at the bottom of the activity is a question to ask yourself while the child plays to help guide your observation and assessment. Did the child demonstrate this specific behavior? Yes? Then, he is at level 4. You can mark his level on the Skill Sticker.

If you are using the Little Goose guidebook, you will still have assess prompts but if you answer yes to these, the child is at least at a level 2 on the continuum.

Mother Goose Time’s Teacher Guide targets level 4

Little Goose Teacher Guide targets level 2-3. You will not find stars in the Little Goose guide. The stars are exclusive to the Teacher Guide.

Make sure the skill sticker matches the first listed skill of the activity. To learn more about the skill stickers, listen to the micro moment training titled: Where to find the skill stickers in your Child’s Portfolio.

  1. If you see a star, you will either save the child’s work – like his art project or drawing. If you see a camera, it will be too difficult to save the child’s work and it is better to take a photo while he plays. To learn more about saving work samples and taking photos for assessment, check out those two specific micro moment trainings.

If you want a quick overview of which skills and activities are marked with stars, use these tools:

Planning Journal:

  • You will see stars marking the activities summarized in the weekly lesson plan calendars.
  • You will also find a summary of the starred activities in the back of the Planning Journal.

Skills Chart

You will see stars marking the featured assessment skill for the day. Beyond observing this skill during the Mother Goose Time activity, you can also watch for children to use and demonstrate this skill all day in unexpected places such as outdoors and during snack time.

And it is that easy.. just follow the stars while you play and learn with the children for a guaranteed, comprehensive authentic assessment of each child’s growth and development.

Thank you for listening and I invite you to check out other micro-moment trainings on assessment to learn more about optimizing the use of your Mother Goose Time early learning system.



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