How to Set Up an Invitation

Welcome to a Micro Moment Trainings with Mother Goose Time. Today we are going to talk about how to set up an invitation to create. If you are wondering what exactly is an invitation to create, I recommend that you watch the Micro Moment training titled: “What is an Invitation to Create.”

So for now, let’s go back to talking about how to set it up.

You will need three things:

  1. A work space: A table or blanket where children can freely come and go to engage with the materials throughout the day. You will want to set up the invitation and keep it out all day for children to visit and revisit multiple times if desired.
  2. A display mat: This can be a tray, mat, and a variety of simple containers to help organize the materials. If you just toss materials on the table, visually this can be confusing to children. But if they are organized and appear meaningful, the mind is stimulated.
  3. Art and natural materials: Many of the art materials we include in the Mother Goose Time kit. Compliment those materials with natural materials that you find outdoors or in your kitchen. Natural materials add beauty and appeal to a child’s senses because of their texture and even smell. Natural materials could be grasses, sticks, flower pedals or even grains like cornmeal, oats and flour.

Once you have what you need, you are ready to set up your first invitation to create.

  1. Gather Your Materials

Use Invitations to Create as a way to expand and personalize the learning experience of a topic that the children are discussing and exploring during the day. If for example you are talking about trees, set out sticks, leaves, and paper or materials that connects with the colors and shapes found in trees. (family tree invitation to create example). We help you simplify this gathering process by including many interesting art materials in the Mother Goose Time curriculum kits.

Additionally, I like to have an art cart or closet nearby where children can easily access materials that I didn’t set out but that they may feel they need to create their art. If a child wants additional materials, I encourage them to ask me for the supply and then explain how they plan to use it. This encourages planning and communication skills.

  1. Set up the Provocation
    1. Once you have gathered the materials, Define the work area with a tray, piece of wood or mat. Set up a photo or book for children to reflect on as they consider how they might use the materials.
    2. Put materials in containers and remember less materials is more
    3. Now step back, and ask yourself How does the display look? Does it make you want to play and start creating? Can you imagine 2-3 different ways you might use the various supplies?

Now you are ready to invite children to visit the table throughout the day and create their own art.

Thank you for listening and we will meet again at another Micro Moment training with Mother Goose Time.



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