Part 1: Understanding Family Goals and Traditions

Foundations 3, Part 1

Understanding the Family

Families bring diverse cultures, traditions and values to your classroom. By learning more about them, you will be able to better connect with the child and support his or her ongoing development.

Family Questionnaire

Create and send a family questionnaire before the child even begins in your program. This questionnaire demonstrates to families that you care about them and value their intimate understanding of their child. It sends a message that you are ready to listen to them as you all work together to support the child’s fullest potential.

Ready for action!

  1. Download this questionnaire and give it to your families:
  2. After you receive a family’s response, highlight three goals or important messages from them that you will remember when working with their child.
  3. Remember to reflect on these three goals and communicate the child’s progress with the family during a future parent-teacher conference.

Some categories to guide you in the development of your family questionnaire include:

  • Parenting approach and a typical day at home
  • The child’s preferences around play
  • Support structure (who does the parent turn to for advice or support?)
  • Child’s strengths and challenges
  • The parent’s hopes for their child at preschool

Many enrollment packages will include this questionnaire. Read and summarize it for each child in your class. Next get ready for the first month of school with the “One Month Engagement Strategy” featured in Lesson Two.

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