Discover the Desert

Pull up your boots, put on your cowboy hat and head to the Mother Goose Time Rodeo! After practicing your rope skills, wander out into the dunes of the Sahara Desert. Explore the Mojave Desert while riding your bumpy burro. Learn ABC with an armadillo and count the sneaky little lizards. Sit for a while in the shade of a cactus, but be careful not to fall asleep because the desert comes to life at night. In this action-packed theme, explore sandy ideas near and far away. octoberm

Weekly Investigations

Week 1: Rodeo Days

Week 2: Sahara Desert

Week 3: Mojave Desert

Week 4: Desert at Night


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All of these supplements directly connect to the same featured thematic investigation. All supplements reinforce the same 33 Skill Basis.

Little Goose Supplement

Experience Play Toy Box

More Math & More Reading

Experience God Supplement

Dance 'n Beats