Science Lab

Children learn that science is everywhere as they do hands-on experiments and activities every day in their own science labs. This month’s study explores great scientists and their discoveries, as well as some inventions that have changed lives. Discover what happens when you mix to substances, explore the mysteries of sound, light, forces, electricity, magnets and resistance. Go on a journey to explore the world around you and classify items as living or non-living and how they all matter to each other. This hands-on month makes a scientist out of anyone.

Weekly Investigations

Week 1: Chemistry Lab

Week 2: Physic’s Lab

Week 3: Engineering Lab

Week 4: Biology Lab


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All of these supplements directly connect to the same featured thematic investigation. All supplements reinforce the same 33 Skill Basis.

Little Goose Supplement

Experience Play Toy Box

More Math & More Reading

Experience God Supplement

Dance 'n Beats