New Week-by-Week Packaging

This December 2021 features new packaging. We are so excited to show you how to unbox your curriculum and be ready for 20 days of hands-on play and learning.



The new week-by-week packaging system.

Benefits of Week-by-Week Packaging

Simply match the week 1 Teacher Guide to the  Week 1 Group Tools and Week 1 Child Tools bags with the same color and picture.

It is Easy to Get Organized

All supplies are the same as when packaged by lesson day but are now in one bag per week. Sort your materials by lesson number and store in hanging files or baskets. Just match the materials to the supplies listed in each activity.

Pro Tip: You can use your Preschool Curriculum box to hold hanging files!

Now you have less plastic and waste – meaning it is a lot more eco-friendly – plus you have increased flexibility for your planning and teaching.

We hope you enjoy this new packaging system and continue to learn and grow with your children!


Are you ready for your more eco-friendly curriculum kit?

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