Scope & Sequence for 2021-22

Learn letters, numbers, shapes and more all year with Experience Preschool Curriculum

Imagine if we present children with a bunch of disjointed concepts in random order. For example: ladybug, the number 8, the letter S, oval, the color black, legs, the number 6, spider, and the color red. All of these concepts are developmentally appropriate to introduce to a preschooler. However, this disjointed information will be meaningless to young children unless we connect it to something they can relate to. For this reason, Experience Preschool Curriculum uses themes to tell a story and create context for the basic concepts such as letters, numbers, shapes and colors.

Material that is well organized is much easier to learn and remember than material that is poorly organized (Durso & Coggins, 1991).

We plan out each year, when and how we will introduce these basic concepts into themes to that children can experience them in meaningful and playful way. This annual plan is called a ‘Scope and Sequence.


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To ensure that your children will learn all of their letters, numbers up to 20, shapes, colors and more concepts throughout the year, we have mapped out the order in which the preschool curriculum will introduce these concepts. We call this our Scope and Sequence.

In this way, your child will focus on a set of basic concepts each month and apply them in many different ways by singing songs, playing games, creating art,  exploring STEAM projects and reading storybooks throughout the month. Our annual scope and sequence provides this ‘big picture’ view of the child’s learning objectives and how they will build these basic concepts throughout the year.


We are excited for the 2021 -22 school year and invite you to join us!


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