Creative Development

Creative development is the ability to respond to experiences by expressing ideas and imagination through music, dance, dramatic play, and art.

Children who score higher on tests of imagination and creativity develop stronger problem-solving strategies (Brown, Sutterfy &Thronton, 2008). Mother Goose Time is an arts-infused curriculum that allows children to take creative risks, make connections, and explore their curiosity in meaningful ways. “Play is a safe place where children are exploring the expression of emotion with no attending consequences” (Gaskins and Miller, 2009).

Creative Development skills and goals integrated within the Mother Goose Time Curriculum:


30 Music
30.1 Develops rhythm and tone
30.2 Expresses through music
31 Dance and Movement
31.1 Develops dance and movement techniques
31.2 Expresses through dance and movement
32 Visual Arts
32.1 Develops artistic techniques
32.2 Expresses through visual arts
33 Drama
33.1 Participates in dramatic play
33.2 Uses and creates props

Developmental Skill Continuum

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