Second Language Acquisition

Learning a second language is a complex social and cognitive process. It includes phases from pre-production where children observe and respond but only with gestures. Over time, the child will progress into speech emergence and then ultimately gain fluency both in second language comprehension and communication.

Mother Goose Time curriculum includes numerous bilingual tools, colorful visual aids, and hands-on projects that invite children from diverse language backgrounds to participate successfully in the learning community and daily routines. Engaging the child and encouraging him to express himself in the second language throughout the day builds natural connections between real-life and language concepts (Clark, 2000).

Second Language Acquisition skills and goals integrated within the Mother Goose Time Curriculum:


34 Approach to Second Language Acquisition
34.1 Participates using target language
34.2 Demonstrates initiative with target language
35 Comprehension of Second Language
35.1 Demonstrates comprehension of target language
36 Communication in Second Language
36.1 Uses target language to communicate

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