Struggle-Free Writing Skills [Free Printable]

Sometimes young children can struggle to grip a pencil and control the movement.

To build fine motor skills  in a playful and positive way, try this:  put away the crayons and get ready to squeeze and squirt.  Squeezing a bottle strengthens important little muscles in a young child’s hands. These are the same muscles needed for writing.

Three “Squirt the Target” Games

Print the target games and then fill up a either a spray bottle or a an old ketchup bottle and prepare to squeeze, squirt and strengthen the mind and body.

1. Letter Targets

Print the the target sheets and encourage your child to squirt then call out which letter or letters are wet!

2. Number Targets

Download number targets, roll a die and squirt the same number on the sheet.

3. Picture Targets

Print the picture targets. Mix a tiny amount of washable paint in a spray bottle filled with water.  Squirt the colored water on the sheet to color it. For more early writing preparation, try these fine motor squeezing activities:
  • Paint the fence or house with water and clean paintbrushes
  • Squeeze lemons and drink some lemonade
  • Use an eye dropper and drip watercolors on coffee filters
  • Squeeze play dough
  • Squeeze glue and make a collage
Mother Goose Time curriculum integrates playful early reading and writing activities in every lesson plan. By offering children playful experiences that integrate motor, social-emotional and cognitive skills, they experience greater success and enjoyment in learning. Learn more about the sensory based experiences and hands-on tools included in the Mother Goose Time curriculum here!

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