Teacher Tools

Mother Goose Time includes a collection of teacher tools inside each thematic kit that will help you plan and facilitate discovery-based projects and activities. We will help you transform your room into a place of wonder and investigation.

Tools pictured below are included one per kit. Other materials, such as Child Tools are included one per child.

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Teacher Tools

All teacher tools featured below are included in the cost of your Mother Goose Time preschool curriculum and support your daily planning and reflection.

Reference materials such as: a Teacher Guide, Planning Journal, Skills Chart, Theme Web and Gathering List will help you intentionally plan and prepare each day. These resources are also key to fulfilling your licensing requirements and achieving a five star quality rating through your state.

2014_LPB_CoverSpreadTeacher Guide
2014_PlanningJournal_CoverSpreadPlanning Journal
2014_SkillsSkills Overview
2014_CDMonthly Music CD
2014_GatheringGathering List

Daily discovery tools to use in your classroom are also fully included with the cost of the curriculum. These items invite discovery based learning and create an environment where your children learn through play. These items include: games, music CDs, science and recipe cards, children’s books, shape and counting manipulatives, wall displays and colorful photo cards.

Letter and Phonic Concepts

See, touch and hear letters. This collection helps children identify letters and sight words of the month and use them in playful games.

Math Manipulatives

Count, sort and problem-solve with included manipulatives, self-check number cards and Math Story Cards.

Storytelling and Books

The book of the month comes with a storytelling scene and pieces. It also comes with a complementing math game to integrate math and literacy concepts.

Logic Games

Numerous games are included monthly to encourage skills such as problem-solving, cooperation and spatial relations.

Daily Topic Posters

Hang this daily poster where children and parents can see the topic of the day. Use the open-ended question to start a Circle Time discussion.

Science Investigation Tools, Projects and Supplies

Collect science experiment cards and healthy recipes.