Great for Multiple Ages

“What a wonderful curriculum for children of all ages! I love the way it comes with so many teaching materials and how easy the lessons are to follow as is or to add to them. I have seen a lot of change in my children after using it.” – Marie, CA

Very Creative and Open-ended

“We RAVE about Mother Goose Time to everyone, and it’s a very important thing that sets us apart from other schools. Parents love the curriculum and love that every day is different and every day is packed with exciting things to learn and do.” – Michelle, Japan

Facilita Un Buen Desarrollo

“Mother Goose Time Currículo, en mi opinión como educadora y doctora de profesión, pienso, siento y he comprobado que reúne todos los requisitos para que todos los niños y maestros, lo disfruten al 100% Además le crea una maravillosa base educativa y académica a cada niño que participe de este programa, facilitándole no solo el buen desarrollo de los niños para entrar a la escuela, sino que además; le facilita el trabajo a cada uno de los maestros que tendrán estos niños en su primera etapa.” – Manuela Escobar, KY

Focused on Whole Child

“Mother Goose Time is a well balanced curriculum with the child’s whole development in mind. It has everything I need to run a high quality preschool program!” – Cassandra, NE

Prepares Children for Kindergarten

“Elementary school teachers brag about the readiness of the children coming from my daycare because of what I teach them with Mother Goose Time. We have a waiting list in our daycare and even get calls from parents with infants that want to come and grow up with us because of the preschool curriculum that we offer.” – Carol, MN

“I just recently started using Mother Goose Time with my 3½ year old, and we really love it. I currently home school my older children and my youngest wanted to “do school” too, but my time is already stretched with planning and executing the older children’s curriculum. Mother Goose Time is just what I was looking for. I now schedule Mother Goose Time into our day, and my daughter has her own school work and some quality time with me. A side benefit that I wasn’t expecting is the older children are more than willing to participate with any group activities.” – Sandra Fisher

Improves Teacher Performance

“I love it! Every teacher’s performance was significantly improved by use of your curriculum. I, as Director, am your greatest cheerleader.” – Sue, GA

Quality Program

“I love it! I have struggled for three years to put together a quality program for my daycare children. I ran myself ragged running all over looking for all the items needed and usually ended up purchasing in quantities too large and spending more than I could afford. Mother Goose Time has helped my bottom line and my professional image to my parents. Thank you!” – Amy, MI

Saves Me Time

“The lesson plan is a great guide. Save your time running around gathering curriculum and start enjoying your children.” – Kelly, CA

Helps with the Prep

“Not only am I a teacher, but also a director. I don’t have spare time for lots of prep. Some of my staff teachers are willing to help but they often don’t have spare time either. Mother Goose takes this time factor into consideration and because of that reason we are able to be better prepared for the children, as well as offer a wonderful curriculum which is complete and meets developmentally appropriate practices.” – Sandra, VT

Affordable Program

“The main reason that I decided to use Mother Goose Time was the price! You have the most affordable program I’ve seen. Now, after using it, I believe you have the best and most interesting program around.” – Wendy, OK

Children love learning

“My kids are very excited about your program! They have learned so much since I started it. Their parents are very impressed. Thank you so much for helping me to help them!” – Brenda, NC

Parents love Mother Goose Time

“As soon as they walk in the door the children ask, ‘What are we doing for Mother Goose Time today?’ Their parents and I love it too! Thanks so much for making my day easier!” – Robin, VA

Watch Children Learn

“The children enjoy all the activities so much. It’s a thrill to watch them learn. Thanks for such a professionally planned program.” – Patrice, MI


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