Little Goose Lesson Plan Supplement

Little Goose lesson plan simplifies the Mother Goose Time activities so that children of all levels can learn and play together. It follows the same daily topics featured in the Mother Goose Time lesson plan book and uses many of the same materials in the kit. Little Goose is the solution for running a multi-age program or for creating a cohesive learning experience across many rooms in a childcare center. Some materials in the Mother Goose Time Kit are not appropriate for children under the age of three. Adult supervision required.



How do I use Little Goose with my Mother Goose Time Lesson Plan Book?
Open both the Little Goose and Mother Goose Lesson Plan books. Match the daily topic listed on the top of each page.
Use the MGT book for opening and closing circle songs and fingerplays.
Replace the four activities in the MGT book with those in the Little Goose book. Use the materials provided in your day bags. Please note: Some materials in the MGT kit are not intended for use under the age of 3 and we recommend consistent adult supervision.
Set up open discovery and play areas as suggested in the MGT book.
Only order one Little Goose per teacher. Order a MGT curriculum kit to include the amount of toddlers in your program. The per child materials will be referenced in the Little Goose book and used by your toddlers.

If you answer yes to the majority of these questions,
Little Goose is a good fit for your child’s level.
My child can hold a crayon and makes marks on a paper
but can not write the first letter in his or her name.
My child likes to tear paper instead of cutting it.
My child likes to fill containers and dump them.
My child can find a match when shown an object,
but has difficulty sorting a pile of objects on his own.
My child would rather run around and
touch everything than to sit still.
My child is starting to say numbers but onlys count to three
My child is under the age of 30 months.

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What skill will my child learn?
Skill Goals
Levels B, C on the Developmental Continuum are the skill goals guiding the development of little Goose activities.