How to Use Your Teaching Tools

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Foundations 1, Part 2

Lesson 3: How to Use Your Teaching Tools

Mother Goose Time (MGT) with Experience Early Learning Curriculum is a comprehensive early learning curriculum that includes embedded training, authentic assessment prompts, family resources, child project materials, books, music and a variety of hands-on games and project tools.

We have organized the monthly materials into daily discovery bags, though you may choose to unpack the supplies and organize the resources in your own way. The choice is yours.

The following section clarifies how MGT has packaged its materials and provides explanation for included tools. You will know what the tool is, why it is important for child development, how to use it and where it is included in your curriculum system.

WELCOME GIFT: Getting Started

The first time you set up an educator account with MGT with Experience Early Learning, you will receive a one-time Welcome Gift. If you would like a duplicate or replacement for this Welcome Kit, it is available in the MGT Store online.


Read this blog article written by an educator describing the contents of the curriculum system.


TEACHER TOOL BAG: Included New with Every Kit


Watch this video for a quick tour through your Teacher Guide:


20 Daily Discovery Bags

Watch this video about the Core Concepts Tools in the MGT curriculum discovery bags:


Reimagine the Learning Possibilities of the Core Tools

Your Core Concepts Tools, which can be used in different ways, are designed to reinforce key developmental skills. The MGT Teacher Guidebook models one way to explore the tools with your children, but we intentionally select and design materials to be multi-purposed. Collect and save tools from the nine core units (Sept – May) to create a whole set for each collection.

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