Twist & Slide Into Self-Regulation [Dance Video + Activity]

Do your children flutter around the room from activity to activity with what seems like a lack of focus?

Besides being a great source of giggles and an easy way to burn off excess energy, dance can actually help increase attention span and self-regulation skills.

The Dance ‘n Beats preschool music and movement program teaches children the 21 basic movements to increase muscle control, encourage physical fitness and inspire a joy for learning. Each of the movements that you see in the video below can be made easier or more challenging, so that children of all ages and all developmental levels can participate together.

Ready to try it right now?  Play the My Little Butterfly video and dance along.


In this clip you’ll learn 3 of those 21 basic movements: the SLIDE, TWIST and SWING.


The SLIDE uses the lower body. It supports the development of the large muscles in the legs and prepares the body for side-to-side movement that occurs in daily life, as well as sports like tennis, hockey, or skating.

Simplify the Movement

Stand with feet apart and shift weight from one foot to the other as you will see in the “My Little Butterfly” video.

Increase the Challenge

Slide from front to back, or slide while rolling arm over arm.


The TWIST is a core movement. It supports the development of strength and range of motion in the abdominal and back muscles, which directly supports balance and postural alignment.

Simplify the Movement

Allow the arms to relax at the sides and legs to move naturally. This looser shape of the body requires less control. 

Increase the Challenge

Twist the lower body in one direction while twisting the upper body in the opposite direction.


The SWING is an upper body movement that supports the development of the large muscles of the shoulders, chest and back. The arms are straight and the movement comes from the shoulder joint. Swing arms high above the head from side-to-side, as you will see in the “My Little Butterfly” video.

Simplify the Movement

Allow arms to bend at the elbows to take less pressure off of the shoulders.

Increase the Challenge

Swing the arms vertically, across the midline of the body, or swing and march at the same time.

 Don’t forget to download the choreography and lyrics to “My Little Butterfly”

Ready for more? 

Enjoy all 12 songs and dances about bees and butterflies on the Dance ‘n Beats, Dancing with Bees and Butterflies DVD.  Additional creative movement, literacy and math movement games are featured in the accompanying Dance ‘n Beats Teacher Guide. Did you hear? A Dance n’ Beats theme won Learning Magazine’s Teacher’s Choice Award for Preschool

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