What is an Invitation to Create?

Welcome to a Micro Moment Trainings with Mother Goose Time. Today we are going to talk about a unique way to do art with preschoolers: we call it ‘an invitation to create.’

What is an invitation to create? It is simply that – a way of displaying materials so that children feel inspired and ready to create from their own imagination. It focuses on the process of creating and is a technique from the Reggio approach to learning.

An Invitation always begins with some sort of Provocation. A provocation provokes or expands on thoughts, discussions, interests and creative ideas.

You can use a number of things to engage the creativity of a child: you could use photos, books, nature items, new types of art materials or even a question.

The choice of materials and the way you set them up is itself a provocation.

Consider a careful selection of art and nature-based materials. Display the materials in an organized and beautiful way. Too much, is chaos and hinders the creativity. We have included 10-12 Display Cards in each thematic kit as a starting place on how to set up a variety of invitations throughout the month. To help you in gathering materials, many of the supplies in these photos are also automatically included in your kit (show cards).

Check out the Invitation to create cards or read the Teacher Guide to get tips on questions to ask children as they create. These provocation questions help stimulate deeper thinking.

By displaying a photo, replica of a famous painting or a children’s book, the child can reflect and respond to this display as he explores the materials. We include photos to display for every suggested Invitation to Create and also recommended a related children’s book in every lesson. (show teacher guide and owl babies)

Every child will experience and interpret the materials in different ways. There is no expected outcome or product from an invitation to create. (show different examples of art versions) This open-ended art experience appeals to a child’s deep sense of wonder and focuses on the process of learning and experimentation. We explain this in the Teacher Guide. Here is an example of how we reinforce the unique creative process for every child. (“read from Teacher Guide Owl babies”)

Set up an invitation to create today and watch your child explore with his senses, ask questions, test theories, make plans and think deeply.

Thank you for listening and I hope you check out another Micro Moment training with Mother Goose Time.



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