What to Save in Your Child’s Portfolio

Welcome to a Micro Moment Trainings with Mother Goose Time. Today we are going to talk about what to save in your child’s portfolio.

Simply put – you will be saving child work samples and photos in the portfolio.

These work samples and photos will serve as a demonstration or evidence of the child’s learning.

To help you with knowing when to save a work sample, we have marked activities in the Teacher Guide with stars.

Stars mean assess and save!

Mother Goose Time has designed a system that includes supplies for 10-12 projects every month specifically for the purpose of saving samples in a portfolio. This guarantees that you have activities and the supplies needed that encourage children to show their learning. As children naturally play and create with these materials, you can observe, document their skill level and then have evidence of their learning to put in the portfolio.

Complement these work samples with process-oriented photos. Sometimes, the child might be engaged with a science experiment, putting together a puzzle, building with blocks or participating in a project that isn’t something easily stored in a portfolio. In this situation, we recommend you take a photo of the child while he is using the skill as he participates in the activity.

In your teacher guide, you will notice that some starred activities also have a little camera icon. This means you should assess + take a photo because you won’t be able to save a work sample.

Let me show you a couple examples of photos that show process and great for the portfolio.




As children play, problem-solve and make art, document their learning by attaching a skill sticker that summarizes the skill level. If you want to learn more about how to use these stickers, Listen to the Micro moment training titled: How to use the Skill Sticker in Your Child’s Portfolio.  The, put the child’s work sample or photo in the binder behind the Thematic Study divider sheet.   This is found in the day 20 discovery bag.

This child portfolio is a great assessment tool and a cherished keepsake for the parents.

Thank you for listening and I invite you to check out other micro-moment trainings on some of the other assessment tools to learn more about optimizing the use of your Mother Goose Time early learning system.



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