What’s in the Box?

Each month, the Mother Goose Time curriculum delivers a new thematic kit with everything you need to implement a successful and professional preschool program in your home, center or family childcare. Here, we break down the included supplies step by step so that you can make the most of the materials.

When you first receive your kit, it may seem overwhelming with over 23 bags packed full of materials! Where do you start? Watch these 3 videos and you will be ready to fully implement your curriculum. And remember, similar materials shown in all three of these videos will be found inside your Mother Goose Time kit!


1. Getting Started, Circle Time , Teacher Guides and more


2. Teacher Tool Bag


3. The Daily Discovery Bags


Not a Mother Goose Time Member Yet? 

We love to support you as you unpack the curriculum and explore new ideas and experiences with your children. Contact our team of Curriculum Specialists at any time and please leave comments with any questions or suggestions for your fellow educators in the comment thread. Also, check back for more Mother Goose Time Micro Trainings on how to

  • Use your lesson plan book.
  • How to do assessments with the included child portfolio tools.
  • How to set up an invitation to create for exciting, process-based art.

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