Where to Find and Keep the Skill Stickers in Your Child’s Portfolio

Welcome to a Micro Moment Trainings with Mother Goose Time. Today we are going to talk about how to use the skill stickers in your child’s portfolio. If you haven’t already listened to the ‘Quick Tour of the Assessment System,’ I recommend that you go check that out that micro moment training first and then come back and listen to this training.

Skill Stickers are available in our online Member Resources on the Mother Goose Time website. Let me show you where to find them.

Go to www.mothergoosetime.com

  • Click on Member Resources
  • Find the Portfolio Assessment button and click
  • Select the Portfolio assessment materials for the level of your child or group: Toddler, Preschool or PreK

I’m going to select preschool.

Print them on an Avery Label #5164 or something similar. If you’d like, you can just print them on paper and cut them apart.

There is one sticker for every skill goal on the Experience Early Learning Continuum (EELCO) Skills Chart. If you would like to read more about the research supporting the skills, click on the

Continuum of Skills booklet. This booklet is also included in your Getting Started Kit. This booklet is an excerpt from the more comprehensive Research Foundation book that is available on our website.

Once you have the skill stickers printed, store them in the front pocket of each child’s portfolio. For more information on how to set up your child’s portfolio, listen to the Micro Moment Training titled: How to create your Child’s Portfolio Binder.

If have a large group of children, I also recommend that you prepare a binder of group forms. Then, as you assess a starred activity, you can observe all children at once and make notes on this single form. Later, you can transfer the individual information to the stickers.

Here is how to create your group forms binder.

  • In Member Resources
  • Find the Group Forms for your groups level: I’m going to still use preschool.
  • Download and print the group forms.
  • Then, look for the Portfolio Domain Overviews. I like to print these to use as dividers between each developmental domain.

If desired, you could also print and include this is the child’s portfolio so that parents have a great overview of all the skills the children are learning as well as a simple definition of each domain of learning.

Now you are ready to assess skills while the children play. To learn more about which skills to assess, when and how – listen to the How to know which skills to assess for the Child’s Portfolio.

Thank you for listening and I invite you to check out other micro-moment trainings on some of the other assessment tools to learn more about optimizing the use of your Mother Goose Time early learning system.



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