Experience God

Transform your Mother Goose Time into a comprehensive Christian preschool program with Experience God. The Experience God system links directly to the Mother Goose Time monthly themes. Expand your circle time to include a daily devotional where children learn to know God, understand the love He has for them, and develop a personal relationship with Him. Set up a subscription or purchase any single title to receive a teacher guide, Bible storytelling cards, crafts and weekly parent newsletters.  Read more about the Statement of Faith guiding the program.

Link Experience God to Mother Goose Time. Read the Statement of Faith for Experience God.
Month Experience God Bible Story MGT Theme
September God cares about My Body Jesus’ Miracles My Amazing Body
October God asks me 
to Be Brave
Esther Weather All
Around Us
November God is Just Adam and Eve Rainforest Adventure
December God is Love Jesus is Born Winter Wonderland
January God asks me to Seek Him Parable of Talents Dinosaur Dig
February God asks us to Love Our Neighbors Good Samaritan It’s a Small World
March God is the Only God Temptation Blast Off to Space
April God is Wise Parable of the Sower Ocean Commotion
May God asks me
to Obey 
Jonah and the Whale Growing Gardens
June God cares about My Home My Father’s House The Alphabet House
July God is the Creator Creation Story Nature Detectives
August God asks me
to Be Honest
Zacchaeus Fables and Folktales

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