Dance ‘n Beats

Welcome to the all new Dance ‘n Beats Lab – get ready to dance! Dance ‘n Beats is a research-based movement program that helps children learn 21 movements that increase muscle control and encourage physical fitness.


Every month you will receive a new DVD that will show you and your children how to get funky with the Mother Goose Time music that is already included in your MGT curriculum kit.

Dance ‘n Beats DVD and Guidebook

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What skill will my child learn?
“Young children need specific and systematic opportunities to learn fundamental physical skills that contribute to a lifetime of physical activity. it cannot be left to chance”
(stork and Sanders, 2008)

How do I use Dance’n Beats with
my Mother Goose Time Curriculum?
  • In your Mother Goose time curriculum, you receive tips on when to sing along with the included music CD.As you play the song, find the same track on your Dance ‘n Beats DVD and jump up to dance.
  • Once a week have a special music time to and use the activities in the easy to follow Dance ‘n Beats guidebook.
  • If you prefer to host a weekly music and movement class, the Dance ‘n Beats guidebook also offers four 1 hour lesson plans so that you can facilitate a comprehensive preschool music and movement curriculum throughout the month.