Physical Development

Physical Development

Physical development refers to a child’s gross and fine motor skills. To increase strength, muscle control, and coordination, the child requires adequate nutrition and fitness levels.

Physical development in children follows a directional pattern (Bayley, 1993). Large muscles develop before small muscles. Experience Curriculum actively engages a child’s mind and body through multidisciplinary activities that invite children to touch, climb, crawl, and manipulate objects in their surrounding environment.

Physical Development skills and goals integrated within Experience Curriculum:

4 Gross Motor

4.1 Builds strength and balance
4.2 Coordinates large movements

5 Fine Motor

5.1 Controls small movements
5.2 Uses drawing/writing tools

6 Health and Safety

6.1 Makes healthy food and exercise choices
6.2 Practices good hygiene
6.3 Demonstrates safe practices

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