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Physical Development

Physical Development

Physical development refers to a child’s gross and fine motor skills. To increase strength, muscle control, and coordination, the child requires adequate nutrition and fitness levels.

Physical development in children follows a directional pattern (Bayley, 1993). Large muscles develop before small muscles. Mother Goose Time curriculum actively engages a child’s mind and body through multidisciplinary activities that invite children to touch, climb, crawl, and manipulate objects in their surrounding environment.

Physical Development skills and goals integrated within the Mother Goose Time Curriculum:

4 Gross Motor

4.1 Builds strength and balance
4.2 Coordinates large movements

5 Fine Motor

5.1 Controls small movements
5.2 Uses drawing/writing tools

6 Health and Safety

6.1 Makes healthy food and exercise choices
6.2 Practices good hygiene
6.3 Demonstrates safe practices

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