More Math & Literacy

More Math & Literacy is a NEW math and literacy program designed to support the Common Core State Standards for 4-6 year olds.


Through fun and colorful activities, your children will independently learn basic math and literacy skills. This extension of Mother Goose Time helps your children smoothly transition from preschool to Kindergarten.


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How does More Math and Literacy connect with Mother Goose Time curriculum?
  • The 20 activities in each book connect directly to the monthly theme featured in your Mother Goose Time lesson plan book.
  • The same literacy and math skills covered in your core Mother Goose Time program are supported in this book, however at a higher level. More Math and Literacy is for children at Pre-K or Kindergarten levels.
  • Mother Goose Time is group-based learning, while More Math & More Literacy provides independent practice for your child.
Review and Assessment
If you check four or more indicators, your child will benefit from More Math and More Reading.

My child can count to 20.
My child can recognize numbers 1-10 in print.
My child can identify 4-6 basic shapes.
My child can easily sort objects by one feature.
My child can write the first letter in his/her name.
My child enjoys copying print.

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What skill will my child learn?
Skill Goals
Levels E, F, G on the
Developmental Continuum are the skill goals for More Math & More reading and Writing.
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