Social Studies Development

Social Studies Development

Social Studies skills refer to a child’s ability to understand oneself in relation to the world. It includes the exploration of roles, responsibilities and cultural traditions.

Children live within many different communities: family, school, church, city, nation, etc. Within each community are different social norms and traditions. Understanding social systems sets the stage for a child’s lifelong dispositions about people, cultures and how he or she belongs in these systems (NCSS, 1988). Experience Curriculum embraces the research that it is critical to invite children to explore diverse communities, which enables them to integrate commonalities between them and increase respect for differences (Morrison, 2008).

Social Studies skills and goals integrated within the Experience Curriculum:

21 Families and Communities

21.1 Identifies community and family roles
21.2 Explores cultures and traditions
21.3 Respects diversity

22 Civics and Economics

22.1 Understands citizenship
22.2 Understands concepts of trade

23 Geography

23.1 Identifies types of places
23.2 Uses maps

24 History

24.1 Describes past events

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