3 Tips for Telling Stories with Preschoolers

Discover a few more ideas to increase the engagement during storytime!

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If you can, open your “Down on the Farm” teacher guide to page 49 and notice the storytelling activity using the Storytelling props included in your Mother Goose Time comprehensive kit. Use the props provided or grather your own material such as toys, nature items, or other props.  Once you have your props gathered, invite your children to become authors of their stories with these three ideas:

  • Child & Props: put props in front of a child & invite him to use them to tell you a story. Write down the child’s words as they tell you the story. Then, read the story back to him and encourage him to use the props to act out the story.
  • Kids_reading_cropped.jpegChild in the Story: cut out children’s photos & add their picture to the story character pictures. This helps children put themselves in the story and make connections between their personal life and the life of the story characters.
  • “Story Mash Up”: Take characters from two stories and use them to tell one big adventure. Save the storytelling pieces you receive each month from Mother Goose Time.  Have children take different characters from different stories to invent new tales. Listen to how they role-play social skills as they introduce the characters to each other and help the characters make new friends. 

Enjoy storytelling with your children today! 

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