4 STEAM Activities to Teach Children About Health & Fitness

Set up these open-ended Health and Fitness STEAM stations and invite children to investigate, problem-solve and create! When learning about the four food groups, children learn milk comes from cows. Set up the Milk the Cow STEAM Station and children will have fun pretending to milk a cow while developing Natural & Earth Science and Fine Motor skills.

Children cannot resist water play and will love the opportunity to wash and dry the dishes! Learning about different activities in the kitchen, they won’t even realize they are also developing Social Relationships and learning about Personal Care routines. Use toy dishes or real unbreakable tableware with the Wash the Dishes STEAM Station in your sensory play center. Take it outdoors on a nice day!

Racing is a favorite childhood activity and it’s a great exercise. What else can you race? Set out cardboard tubes, boxes, canisters and balls or marbles for the Ramp Construction STEAM Station and ask children to build ramps. What can roll down the ramp? Children use Logic & Reasoning skills to build ramps while working together and developing Social Relationships.

Set up a Doctor’s Office STEAM Station dramatic play center so children can play the role of doctor or patient.  While pretending to get or give a checkup, children learn their community. Children consider “How do you feel?” and demonstrate their understanding of caring for others, and what various medical tools are for.

Milk the Cow

Children can experience what it’s like to milk a cow with the Milk the Cow dramatic play STEAM Station. Poke a small hole in one finger of a vinyl glove and fill it with water. Explore different ways to squeeze out the water.

Washing Dishes

Set out a bin of soapy water with sponges, towels and drying racks. Give children cups, dishes, forks and spoons to explore washing and drying.

Ramp Construction

Set out a variety of building materials and explore building ramps. Experiment with rolling items from different heights.

Doctor’s Office

Set out a variety of medical items. Role-play being doctors or patients.

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