5 Books to Teach About Transportation & Travel

Moving from point A to point B is often incredibly complicated, even for adults! Helping little ones explore the various modes of transportation and infrastructure like bridges and tunnels is a fun way to spark their interest in geography, civics and even economics.

Below are 5 great stories about transportation and travel to build discussion during your preschool Circle Time in November. These stories come to life in the Experience Preschool On the Go Curriculum Kit. Order yours today!

Berenstain Bears and the Big Road Race

by Stan & Jan Berenstain

Invite children to listen for color words and directional vocabulary as you read aloud. Encourage them to have fun mimicking the sounds of the cars in this exciting adventure.

In The Berenstain Bears and the Big Road Race, Little Red’s tiny car coughs and sputters as it follows bigger and more powerful cars over, around, under and through the track. Enduring taunts and boasts from his competitors, Little Red remains focused and persists to the finish line. He is the winner!

In typical Berenstain Bears fashion, good manners and common sense are always rewarded. This tale is reminiscent of Aesop’s fable, The Hare and the Tortoise, where slow and steady also wins the race.


A Ride for Duck

by Kelly Nogoski & Leslie Falconer

Identifying separate words and their individual sounds is important for kindergarten readiness. Invite your children to explore words that rhyme as you read.

In A Ride for Duck, a flat tire on his motorcycle sidelines the tiny bird. He pleads with different friends to give him a ride, but they all have other obligations: Goat has to write a note and Mike the pike has a bike that is much too small. Is the fuzzy fowl destined to be a duck without luck?

Filled with a fanciful cast of characters, A Ride for Duck invites children into a world of word play and imagination!


Rosie’s Walk

by Pat Hutchins

Reading daily with your child is an excellent way to forge a love of reading in youngsters. Books that help them imagine and pretend often become the books they want to hear again and again. Try this one!

In Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins, a little hen named Rosie goes for a stroll. Little does she realize that a very hungry fox follows stealthily behind. Though Rosie remains oblivious to the fox throughout her entire trek, readers see the fox foiled by a rake, a pond, a haystack, a bag of flour from the local mill and other obstacles that repeatedly prevent it from catching up with her.

The illustrations (also by author Hutchins) on each page provide vivid examples of the positional/directional vocabulary used in the book: across the yard, around the pond, over the haystack, past the mill. Try using small props to role-play and reinforce spatial awareness while you are reading together!


Canoe Days

by Gary Paulsen

Children’s books about nature abound, but Gary Paulsen and wife Ruth Wright Paulsen skillfully combine delightful illustrations with lovely descriptions of wildlife.

In Canoe Days, a lone narrator takes readers on a quiet journey around the edge of a lake. As he paddles silently, he enjoys each sensory delight he encounters: glassy water, stamping deer, darting fish, skittering oar bugs, foraging raccoon. 

The lovingly rendered images of various wildlife in this book are paired with text that will also offer a challenge to those children ready to explore sensory language and alliteration.


Pete the Cat: The Wheels on the Bus

by James Dean

Dance and movement are important to a child’s physical development but can also support reading comprehension and social skills. Pretty awesome stuff.

The first few pages of Pete the Cat: The Wheels on the Bus begin with the familiar rhyme. As Pete drives along and picks up passengers, the bus beeps, swishes, bumps and blinks. Somewhere along the route, the whole bus breaks into a Pete-the-Cat-chant then they all rock out together.

Invite your children to explore dance and movement as you read this tale about the adventures of Pete. Help them make up gestures for each sound and move together as a group. 

Recommended Books for the On the Go theme

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