How to Make Fast and Easy Sensory Stations

Today’s Micro-Training will talk about how to set up super simple sensory stations using the “High Five” technique.  

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Following the High Five technique these stations will require no more than 5 easy-to-find items and are packed full of fun learning opportunities. These stations will make you & your children want to give each other a high five because they are easy for you to set up, and extremely engaging and educational for your children!

To begin you will need to gather some supplies. In the ‘High Five’ model, you will use this formula for gathering:

  1. Container
  2. Main sensory material
  3. loose parts 1
  4. Loose parts 2
  5. Tool

Try it:

Weed the Pot Idea

Supplies: Container (pot), playdough, flowers, sticks, tweezers STEAM-in-Action.jpg

  1. Container: Pot
  2. Main Sensory Material: Sand, Water, Clay or Play Dough
  3. Loose Part 1: Flowers
  4. Loose Part 2: Sticks
  5. Tool: Tweezers

With this set up children can play with the materials and role-play planting flowers and pulling out the weeds. Children can use the tweezers for an extra fine motor challenge. This is a great activity to link to a garden theme or with the weeding topic on page 53 of your Mother Goose Time Down on the Farm Teacher Guide.

More fun

All you need is:

  1. Container: Baking tray
  2. Main Sensory Material: Sand
  3. Loose Part 1: Beans
  4. Loose Part 2: Beads
  5. Tool: Sifter  

You could set this activity up inside or outside in a sand box. Add both beans and beads to a tray of sand. Children can pretend many different things as they dig and sort out the beads from the beans. Children can pretend that someone buried a treasure of hidden jewels or that they have to clean up the garden so that the beans have room to grow.

For more ideas check out the STATION suggestion on every lesson in the Mother Goose Time curriculum. These STEAM STATION ideas are always located in the upper right hand corner and are summarized on the front of the book on page six. Use these ideas to inspire your imagination, and then have fun inventing your own HIGH FIVE stations indoors and outdoors.

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